This is Xtreme Grillin': High Steakz where YOU are the pit master and you are in charge of grillin' some sweet, sweet steak! That's right: It's the height of summer so crank up the tunez and get grillin'!

How to Play

Xtreme Grillin': High Steakz is simple: Try to grill the perfect steak by stopping the grill gauge right inside the 'Sweet Spot' to obtain maximum points.

Simply click the 'Grill dat steak' button to start the gauge moving and hit 'Steak is done' to stop the gauge.

If the gauge stops too far to the left, your steak be raw!

Too far to the right and your steak will be burnt to a crisp!

Stop the gauge right in the middle guessed it: The Perfect Sear

Each time you grill a steak it gets added to the Steak Stack seen at the right of that juicy steak. Can you grill enough steaks to reach the ultimate cooking goal?

For extra points, click on each condiment as it appears to activate the score multiplier. But you better be quick because those wily condimentz don't stick around for long

So get grillin' and watch out for that timer!


3 challenging levels to test your grillin' skillz on!
Intense realism!
Collectible condimentz!
Original tunez!
Plus: A fantastic spinning steak!

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